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Patricia Clifford

In 2008 I was six months pregnant with my fourth child, I was working in a salon and having troubles being as big as I was getting work in a fast paced environment. I decided to buy a wax pot and facial bed and continue seeing clients at home until I gave birth. Little did I know shoving my children all in my master bedroom and taking one of the three tiny bedrooms of my 900 sq feet town house would lead to an overwhelming increase of clients! I moved this small but versatile room into the basement, as now I had 4 children. I expanded my knowledge of esthetics even more which resulted in buying my first house and turning the basement into a fully functioning salon. As my journey has progressed over the past two decades with my business, I have realized that what I put on my body also absorbs into my bloodstream, affecting my hormones and overall health. I decided that I would dedicate my service as well as the products I use to be clean and or organic to assist in the performance as a healthy you!

Recently, I’ve made the decision to partner with other incredible estheticians in the Calgary area to expand what we can offer our customers, and make them feel beautiful!

We pledge to help all women no matter what size race or religion feel an overall sense of relaxed, calm and regenerating experience. I will continue to learn and expand to give all my beautiful clients the best treatment that is safe. I love to heal hearts and I love to teach and comfort souls!

I hope you enjoy our services, see you in salon soon!


Jessica Idris

I graduated from university and gained my bachelors in midwifery in 2018 after 5 years of study. I love delivering babies but I’ve always had a passion for beauty and esthetics. Cosmetic injectioning  blends my medical skills and love for beauty perfectly. I can’t wait to meet you in person and chat about what anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers can do for you !
– Jessica
Specializes in: 
Lip Fillers & Botox

Ahmeena Ismail

Specializes in: 
Brow Lamination, Sugaring, Threading & Waxing

Aneesa Idris

Hi my name is Aneesa, I like art, cats, video games, and reading. I do nails, lashes, and makeup for our lovely clients at Crema. I love my clients and working just feels like hanging out with my girlfriends.

Specializes in:
Lashes & Makeup